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5 Reasons to hire a pet photographer

Thought I would start my Monday morning off by showing you why you should invest in a pet photography session for you and your pet. They are truly family members, and why not show that off with some professional photos of you and your pet?

  1. Knowledge - I went to Langara College and completed the Continuing Studies Photography certificate program. Including my graduation project, it took me 5 years, and know the In’s and Outs of lighting, composition, exposure, composition and design. The instructors there taught me how to shoot in any kind of light, whether it be bright and direct (mid day Summer sun) or on a snowy day (one giant softbox, with light bouncing in ever direction). I continue to invest in workshops and read books to gain more knowledge as well.

  2. Memories - pets are only with us for a short time, whether we like it or not. I hold onto photos of pets I have had that have passed on and remember what it was like when they were here. I love looking at photos of Oliver when he was a kitten and look back at them fondly. My goal is to bring out each pets personality so the viewer can see what makes each pet unique, whether they are mischievous, curious, spunky or shy.

  3. Equipment - I have a full frame camera (higher quality) and good lenses to capture the absolute best photos I can of you and your pet. I also have flash and strobe equipment available as well so you can get the best quality images that I can get. Some pets don’t like strobe/flash and can do continuous light with these as well.

  4. Art - I can give you high quality prints to frame and hang on your wall. I am a huge advocate of printing off your photos and displaying them. Hard copies of photos last a lot longer than hard drives!!

  5. Editing - I spend about 4-5 hours editing each session in Lightroom and Photoshop. I advise each client to keep their pet on a leash. I have some tricks up my sleeve for hiding leashes (like draping it behind the back of the dog), but if I ever need to I know how to edit them out. I will use these two programs to give you the best images I possibly can!!


I hope that I gave you some good reasons to hire a pet photographer, and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask…!!

Brad and Frankie

Back in September I got to take photos of Brad and Frankie, a Silken Wheaten Terrier. She is such a sweatheart and rocked her session…! Brad wanted to save the photos for Christmas cards (no problem…!!) and I can post these images now. I think we got alot of good photos from her session - we got a lot of favorites from her photoshoot.